The Program Team

The Program Team

What is the Program Team.....?

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom by the sea, there was a team. Everybody called them the “Program Team” and the members of the team where working happily together. However, every year they spent long hours sending out maaaaaany emails to loooooads of parents and participants. They would send an email to remind them of the upcoming CISV Prep meeting, another mail to tell them about documents to bring, yet another email to make sure that copy of passports would not be forgotten etc... If someone forgot to pay, another mail would be sent. And they would also send an email with the good news story: where would be your next CISV adventure and with whom (definitively the favorite email), a different one for the departure info…  Let’s face it, the “Program Team” is the champion when it comes to sending emails to parents, and participants, ….

BUT, the “Program Team” members do many other things in their CISV daily life, and sending emails is only a tiiiiny piece of the whole story. In short, the “Program Team” is responsible for two main areas:

Sending our delegates to their camp :

Coordinating several meetings, such as the preparation meetings, the family day, the Welcome to CISV Day, the week-ends... But also training leaders and staff, forming the delegations, buying tickets, collecting and reviewing admin documents and preparing folders for leaders …. Oh, and let’s not forget about making costumes and buying delegation packs.

Organising camps in Belgium:

Finding campsites and selecting staff, writing support letters for visa for participants, organising host families, organise the kitchen staff, the washing, preparing the camp site and the open day, supporting staff where needed… And, at the end of the camp, cleaning the campsite, cleaning sheets and duvets…

As you can see the “Program Team” members have a lot to do so that all CISV participants enjoy their big adventure.  The support from parents, friends and other teams is therefore crucial.

So, you want to be part of the story ? Don’t hesitate and send us a mail to