The Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team

Our dynamic team aims to finance activities in Belgium and more broadly to financially support the association.

The team consists of Catherine Royer (Chair), Corinne Duckstein, Vincent Mulpas, Anne Dessaer (aka Moun) and Françoise D'Hautcourt.

Last year we collected more than 10 000 EUR, through our partnership with the BSO and SPLASH. What delights us most, is to see that it is together that we have met this challenge. Leaders, children, parents, friends, all supported logistics at the BSO concert (Bruoscella Symphony Orchestra) and were thrown into the water to collect money for the Swim Marathon.

The final component of our business is the call for sponsorship for programs in Belgium.

So you might think it is a walk in the park!

NO, we aim to continue the two existing activities and we continue to look for structural funding of the association. Indeed, we want to allow CISV Belgium to grow even more, to invite even more participants in different programs. We are also looking for ways to allow poorer families to send their children abroad .

As you see, there is no shortage of challenges. Suggestions or address book to achieve these goals are welcome.

Our team coordinates fundraising activities, but we cannot do this alone. Only TOGETHER we will achieve our goals. A big thank you to all of you for your cooperation, the year 2017-18 promises to be beautiful!

Catherine Royer / 0476 241 580 /