The JB Team

The JB Team

What does being a JBer mean?

CISV’s Junior Branch members (JBers) are young local CISVers, who develop their intercultural and leadership skills through organizing and taking part in educational and social activities. JBers also often take an active role in the administrative responsibilities of their Chapters. Through their national and international network, JBers organize their own regional and international activities and events on a wide variety of themes, such as social justice and the environment.

How old do you have to be to join JB?

Well, it depends of the activity we are proposing! Sometimes it’s only 14+, sometimes everyone can join (even the parents!) and the international events are 15+ or 16+.

How old do you have to be to quit JB?

As long as you feel young in your head we still accept you! A number is a number, only your mind matters.

What is our structure?

For now we have two National Junior Representatives (a senior and a junior representatif). In 2015-2016 our senior representatif is Tessa and Athéna is junior representatif.
They coordinate the activities of the Junior Branch and represent the country during the international meetings. They also represent the interests of JB in the CISV board.

Every JB election meeting, the structure of JB might be changed, so stay tuned in the newsletter to discover what is happening!

Junior Branch in the world

You can find JB all over the world, in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East and Africa

The International Junior Branch has an own page on the internation website.