The IT Team

The IT Team is one of the many teams in CISV in Belgium. We're not large in number and not very visible to the public. We are Guust, Andrew and Peter. We are the backbenchers. But what are we doing?

The IT Team has four main tasks:

  • Technical support website 
  • Technical support project management tool 
  • Creation database tool and maintenance database 
  • Maintenance mailservers... 

As you might have noticed, the website has been updated. Since a few weeks we are using a new website. The IT Team provided the framework and the Communication Team made the content. If a Team has a special request, we (try) to make it happen.

Management Tool

CISV in Belgium is using Teamwork. We promote and train people to use this awesome tool.


Since more then a decade we are using a database to manage our flow of data. There is a lot of administration going on between CISV in Belgium and the International Office of CISV as well as between CISV and the members. Our next target is to have a basic version of our database accessible for all the teams and later on for each member. All this has to be done in a safe and secured environment.


Each team has a specific mail address and a mail group. There are specific address for specific tasks. All this has to be managed so that everyone gets the information he needs,... and not too much. Always a difficult balance between being informed and being spammed.

You can always reach us at

Digitally Yours,

The IT Team