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In the press

About CISV

CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world.

CISV International is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding. Founded in 1950, today we are a federation of 70 Member Associations with over 200 Chapters or local groups. In over 60 years we have given countless children and young people the experience of their lives and the opportunity to build lasting friendships through our internatinal educational programmes. 

Our innovative, fun, non-formal peace education 'learning by doing' programmes begin with our original and unique Village programme for 11-year-olds. We offer an exciting blend of seven international camp-based, family exchange and local community programmes. We aim to help our participants develop the skills they need to become informed, responsible and active global citizens and make a difference in their communities and the world. The glue that underpins all of our programmes is friendship, in line with our founding belief that peace is possible through friendship and mutual understanding.

Our values can be resumed in 5 key words :

  • Friendship
  • Inclusiveness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Engagement
  • Cooperation    

CISV Belgium !

CISV Belgium is more than Belgien, Belgïe and Belgique : One organization for one country !

The first traces of CISV in Belgium go back to 1961. It is only in 1969 that CISV Belgium has been founded. Since then we have been organizing activities of all kind and sending delegations (one adult and four kids) and participants all over the world. 
Even if in Belgium they are three official community, we work together for a more peaceful an tolerant world. 

L'Union fait la force, Eendracht maakt macht, Einigkeit macht stark

Contact pour la presse francophone : 
Nora Karim

Contact voor de nederlandstalige pers :
Joep Nieuwenhuis