Risk Management

Risk Management

Dear all

We notice some parents still had questions about safety in Belgium, we'll try to answer most of them.

The first thing to know is that Belgium is a safe country! You may look over the Internet for any risk related official statistics. For example: we are ranked 18 (of 163 countries) in the global peace index!

Yet, we are continuously assessing all possible risks, together with regional and international CISV risk management and other official local authorities.

We will take and maintain all specific measures to maximize safety of all our participants, from arrival until departure.

The staffies and local members are experienced CISV volunteers with many years of CISV experience and are ready to give the best of themselves for an extraordinary CISV experience.

We invite you to visit our website if you need more information.

As well interesting to visit is Visit Brussels or Global Peace Index Map or...
this video 

Warmest regards,

Jeff, Chairman,
Ramzi, Risk manager
Eva, Camp Director
Michael, Camp director