How we do it

How we do it


CISV is a Peace Education organization acting to make a positive impact in the world. But what does “Peace Education” mean? Simply put, Peace Education looks at local and global issues, recognising that peace can mean much more than the absence of war. Peace Education is a way of learning about issues that are seen to be the root causes of social injustice and conflict. The purpose behind Peace Education is to develop the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge needed in order to act for positive change; in other words, to help individuals to become Active Global Citizens.


‘Learning by doing’, or ‘Experiential Learning’ is simply a way of saying learning through direct, personal experience, rather than from reading books or listening to lectures. It is the basic educational approach of all CISV Programmes and this process is referred to as ‘Experiential Learning’.


CISV also has two other important ways of contributing to working towards the vision of a more just and peaceful world. One is by setting up partnerships with other organizations to work on projects with shared goals. The other is by carrying out research, which contributes to the body of knowledge on Peace Education and its effective delivery.