Village 2015 "My way • your way • all the way" on local television

Village 2015 "My way • your  way • all the way" on local television

At the Open Day of the Village 2015 they were lucky having a cameracrew from the local television RingTV in our Village.

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About 50 teenagers coming from all the corners of the world are experiencing a multi-cultural camp on the grounds of KTA Horteco in Vilvoorde. The holiday is an initiative of the youth organization CISV België.

CISV België gathers some 50 young people from more than ten countries to experience a multicultural holiday in Vilvoorde. "CISV is an international organization which works in many countries for understanding between different children from different countries. And we aspire in that way having a cultural mix", explains Peter Voordeckers of CISV Belgie vzw¨.

Every year you will find these camps a cocktail of nationalities. Both European, American and Asian countries are represented here and each have a team with personal guidance. "On this holiday you can build global friendships and meet other people from other continents. That makes it special in anyway. With this project, we also make a small contribution to world peace", which tell Iñigo and Mia from the Philippines came over to Vilvoorde.

Are you interested in this multicultural camp and do you want to learn more about the organization, surf immediately to this website or look at Cocktail tonight .