The 2019-2020 season started with a lot of meetings and preparations for the big departures !
Payment of CISV membership is a formality to do to participate, it covers the operations costs and participates in the sustainability of CISV Belgium…! 


On a Mandatory Way
Any person or family taking part or organizing an activity within the CISV Belgium (including JB, leaders, support teams …)
Any person or family taking part in an international activity (Village, Interchange, Step Up, Youth Meeting, IPP, Seminar Camp, Mosaic, JB, training…)
As a Support Fee

  • Any person or family willing to support the CISV today or for the future
  • Anyone who participated in one of our activities in the past, or whose children or grandchildren … have benefited from the incredible experience offered by CISV
  • Any person/family wanting to be kept informed of the various CISV activities

 How to become a member ?​​​​​​
• Subscribe via the site => “apply now” • Pay a deposit of 150 euro by 31 of  December camp subscription   CISV BELGIUM BE12 3630 6148 3892  Communication : Deposit + surname + first name participant • COME TO THE ACTIVITIES (see agenda below at end of info-pack) • Choose the chapter you want to belong to and pay the membership fee  (Note that both chapters work hand in hand) 
• CISV Belgique        IBAN : BE60 3100 8304 0170 BIC-SWIFT BBRUBEBB OR

• CISV België            IBAN : BE13 7360 2839 9139 BIC-SWIFT GKCCBEBB

Communication: Membership 2018-2019 + surname and first name(s) Which type of membership? For whom?

• Family Membership: 80,00€) - any family member, living under the same roof, will be considered as a member of CISV Belgium  

• Single parent family membership : family with 1 child 50,00€ This membership is mandatory for ALL the families whose child participates to one of our programs.

• Individual membership: 50,00€ - for adults (18 years +) participating in our activities and not belonging to a CISV family (leaders, staff, …)

• Support membership: from 100 euros & up – a nice way to show your support to our organization