What is the role of the leader?

Leaders are asked to understand the purpose and goals of the Village programme. They participate in Village leader training and fulfil requirements. They plan and participate in appropriate activities and discussions for daily delegation time as leaders are bridges between the Village and their delegations. They participate actively in programme planning and evaluation processes in order to uphold CISV’s educational principles and meet the Village goals. They understand and fulfil practical responsibilities related to your role as leader (e.g., travel to and from the Village and stay in residence at the Village with your delegation as a legal guardian, substitute parent, and friend to your delegates). They adhere to guidelines and rules set by the host staff (e.g., communication, laundry, arrival/departure details) and local laws. They must be able to respond appropriately to problems/emergencies. Leaders must get to know your delegation and prepare them for the Village experience (with the help of Chapter/ families) by planning delegation activities, preparing booklets and national night, visiting families, introducing delegates to CISV, communicating with Village before arrival. They participate in and contribute positively to the leaders’ group. They help the delegates connect their Village experience to their home life after camp.