How do I know CISV is a serious organisation?

Founded in 1950, CISV International is a federation of 70 Member Associations around the world. Our National Associations (full-member Associations) and Promotional Associations (Associations in the process of gaining full membership) run our educational programmes and co operate internationally through their membership of CISV International.
CISV International assists and guides its associations by coordinating the international aspects of our programmes, providing policy direction, expertise and infrastructure support.  

CISV International is a UNESCO partner NGO (From 2005 until early 2012, when a reclassification took place, CISV was an “NGO with Operational Relations with UNESCO”)

Doris Allen CISV founder was nominated for the following awards and honours: a Nobel Peace Prize (1979, The Year Of the Child); the Freedom Medal (1999), an honour awarded by the President of the United States of America; the Hague Appeal for Peace Prize (2001); and the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education (2001).