NJR's ELECTION for Belgium - the result

NJR's ELECTION for Belgium - the result

National Junior Branch (NJB)

NJB stands for National Junior Branch. The structure of a National Junior Branch varies from country to country. However, it is most common to have two national junior representatives that are chosen for a two-year period. They are elected from elections at your National Junior Branch Meeting. An NJR sits for two years at a time. First as junior NJR (National Junior Representative) before they go into their second and finale year as senior NJR. In this way, they overlap each other and get the training and experience needed for leading a JB.

Email from Athéna

Hey NBM!

We had our elections on Saturday night and we elected two new junior NJRs, Siwa and Tanguy! 

Together with Marc, I'm sure they will do an amazing work!

I'm out of the job now,



JB is pretty active as usual, between the meetings with JB overseas, the Refugees in Neder-Over-Hembeek, the Wild West Weekend and the collaboration with Program Team for the prep meetings. Too much to summarize here. Feel free to contact us anytime at njr@be.cisv.org