JB needs your help!!!

JB needs your help!!!

As you might know Belgium is hosting the Wild West Weekend in February. We are really excited about this. We expect about 70 people in total. This is a lot of logistics and our small jb is trying to handle all of this.

But there is an issue that we need help for and that is the way to get at the campsite. The participants will come by bus until Malle but from the busstop untill the campsite there is still 4km to walk and we need cars to drive the way to the campsite. We are afraid that this would be too much to walk (with lugguage) and this is why we would like to ask for volonteers to help driving on the 15th of February at 5PM and on the 18th at 2PM.

We would really appreciate your help. Because we need you to make this weekend a memorable and succesfull weekend. 


We need 7 cars of 5 seats (one for the driver and 4 vacant seats for passangers). In order that every car will do 2 journeys. If you have a bigger car please tell us in advance and this would be really useful. The journey will take you not even 5 mins so in total it will take you 20 mins, and than we would be really happy to offer you a nice dinner made by our amazing kitchenstaffs (Ramzi, Joep and Tessa).

Here is the link to the doodle to let us know when you can come. 

Thank you so much!!!

Eva, Soumaya, Lyne, Athéna and Marc