Happy Holidays

 It is the end of another year for CISV Belgium, with a lot of wonderful experiences and successful programs. We close the page of Diversity and open 2019 with a new theme which will be "Conflict & Resolution".
In 2019 we will have even more participants that will enjoy the CISV experience by representing Belgium. Our delegations will be taking part in villages, Interchanges, Youth Meetings and Step-ups. From January to June we will meet every month for fun and preparation activities, party during our NEW fundraising "Talentshow" in April and gather for our traditional Family Day and Picnic before the participants leave for their programs in summer. 

Another CISV year ahead, and only 6 months before the start of the first summer programs, we still have many opportunities for Leaders and Staff, so please help us in spreading the word and finding motivated plus 21 year-olds to accompany our participants. Remember that CISV is all of us and that we cannot send delegates to camps without leaders, we really count on everyone to support us in recruitment. 

Your help is also needed... as kitchen staff, hosting children from other countries and our fundraising activities. For the latter we have an easy one that does not require any additional time or money... Trooper ! When buying your Christmas gifts please use www.trooper.be/cisvbelgium