Easter Youth Meeting 2018 in Ostend

Easter Youth Meeting 2018 in Ostend

This year, it is Turkey, UK, Finland, Iceland who joined our Belgian delegation to attend our Youth Meeting in Ostend (in "Jeugdverblijf De Oesterput" - The Oysterpit).

Every ingredient was present for an amazing mix: a little rain, but too much, a nice hosting place, just big enough, a lot of girls (one for 2 boys), a motivated staff team (a little ill) and amazing leaders who brought all the necessary energy to make our week one to remember.

Between dancing, singing, running, trying to understand diversity through our daily life, sailing to the beach and loads of discussions about authority and how to respect each other, we enjoyed playing a giant monopoly prepared by Maxxi, Elise and the Belgian delegation.

All the participants brought with them what was needed to have loads of fun and learn from each other!!!

Diversity Rocks ☺