As every year the Village and Step Up were on Ring TV

As every year the Village and Step Up were on Ring TV

This year too, we invited the local television Ring TV to bring a report of our Open Day.

Transcript of the video (translated):

International camp in Vilvoorde

Many young people go to camp during the summer. At the boarding school of the KTA Horteco high school in Vilvoorde, around 150 young people from all over the world are currently staying at two international CISV camps. The camp of the 11-year-olds takes no less than four weeks.

CISV, short for Children International Summer Village, is an international association that organizes camps in seventy countries around the world. In the 1950s, shortly after the Second World War, an American child psychologist set up the organization.

"She had the idea to bring children from different cultures and countries together so that they can see which different cultures there are, but also how young people are. In this way the psychologist wanted to show that young people with different backgrounds can still live together perfectly, "says Joep Nieuwenhuis, chairman of CISV.

The concept and the idea behind it still stands. More than 60 years after its founding, young people from Europe, Asia, America and Oceania are still brought together.

"My mum used to do a CISV camp and when I was little, she told me nice stories about it, I could not wait until I was old enough to participate," says Clara Criado Alvarez from Belgium.

Aaron Walker from Australia complements Claudia. "I think it's super fun that I now have connections all over the world. Such an international group, you do not often meet them at camp."

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