Subscribe to a RTF

Dear Belgian CISVer, if you are filling this form, it means you wished to be trained during the next Regional Training Forum (RTF)! Hurray! 

You find more info and the infopack here:
Please read the infopack carefully to make sure that you are available for attending this training.

The standard rule for funding participants is that only 70€ of the total cost (fees+travel) is up to the participant, the rest is funded by CISV Belgium. 
This may differ depending on different circumstances.

The process goes as follow:
- You fill in this form with your information and motivation 
- You will meet with the Board to share visions and to see where your newly learned talent can bloom !
- The Board will then approve your request to be either fully funded, partially funded, or not funded.
- From then on, you can register on the CISV website for the event, book your tickets and make contact with the staff of the training if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us on