Welcome Back (to CISV)

Welcome Back (to CISV)

We are really happy to invite you and your friends to our WELCOME BACK event!
This event will get to NEWCOMERS the opportunity to discover CISV BELGIUM and its main goals and full 2018 international educational programs.

The first part of the event will be addressed to NEWCOMERS, followed by the presentation of the programs’ opportunities for 2018 and the relating of the past participants’ experiences.
The second part of the event will be the MOVIE’s PROJECTION “I’m ELEVEN” (parents & kids are expected).

CISV Belgium’s Presentation for NEWCOMERS (parents and kids).
In parallel, activities for kids (newcomers and past participants) run by leaders, JCs, JB.
RELATING past participants 'CISV Experiences' & Presentation '2018 CISV Program'.
In parallel, activities for all kids.
Hot Dogs/Drinks/Dessert.
Movie’s Projection “I am Eleven” by Genevieve Bailey for parents and kids.
Thank you for your participation!

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- Thank you ERG school for lending us your facilities! -