Sunday, December 9 - Preparation meeting - Forest in one Day

CISV BELGIUM IS participating in the Jane goodall initiative "forest in one day" on sunday december 9 during our monthly preparation meeting.

"At JGI Belgium, we love to plant. Our planting efforts create forests, bringing nature, animals and humans together."
This is one of the things we do to make a positive difference in Belgium and in Africa.
Join our annual Forest In One Day planting event and be part of growing a better future.
Every year, between the months of December to February, we come together in Belgium to create forests. We plant up to 8000 different indigenous trees creating a natural eco-system, attracting wildlife and involving the local community.
Everyone is welcome, young and old, schools, organizations. No skills required, only passion to make a cleaner greener Belgium and a positive difference in Africa. For every tree we plant, we sponsor the planting of several trees in one of our community conservation and reforestation projects in Africa.

...  during the preparation weekend (16-18/11) activities around this event have taken place to prepare participants to the event of december 9...